Monday, July 16, 2007

And now about the weather...


The cold is beginning to recede,
retreating as gradually as it came.
Allowing our frozen bodies time to thaw,
regain the warmth that sustains us.
Longer days of lasting light
illuminating the darkened corners of this town.
Layers of clothing being shed,
revealing others like ourselves.
Having retreated from the cold,
ready to embrace the warmth.
Colors come alive with nature.
Hope is renewed with every bloom.
A heavy burden slowly dissipating with the winter.
Promising a new life, one long overdue.

Happiness subdues as the clouds thicken,
overwhelming the masses.
To bloom in a desolate land of grays and blacks.
Individual spirit fighting to survive.
Drowning in the sorrow.
Helplessly, hopelessly sinking.
I've had a vision of a far away place,
a world of color, a world of light,
a momentary glimpse of possibilty.

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